G'day and welcome to my blog.

This is my writings and musings about life in general so I hope that you enjoy reading what I write. 

I am not writing to please everyone, and if you want politically correct comment you will have to go somewhere else. 

This blog is about reality, unencumbered by false ideas and false news. In other words, where the rubber hits the road.

Society as we know it is slowly self-destructing with the acceptance of all sorts of weird and wonderful ideas which some people think is the new nirvana that is going to make people happy which could not be further from the truth.

Once you believe a lie is the truth, you then have to keep convincing yourself that the lie is the way to go and it is the best thing since sliced bread. If you delve into the weird and wonderful world of alternatives to God's plan and purpose, you will find a lot of sad and unhappy people trying to convince themselves that the lie they believe is the truth and is making things better for them.

But the evidence is out there. Go God's way and live. Go the lie/truth way and death is the end result. 

The sad thing about all this is that most people believing the lie/truth scenario blame all their woes on everyone else, rather than accept the fact that they have been duped and have bought into a lie.

They end up being sad, miserable, unhappy, defeated and useless. That is why as many as 40% of them commit suicide.

Those trying to defend the lies blame all the nasty people who won't buy into their lies for this fact. They never look at themselves and realise that the problem is them and what they believe. 

The good thing in all this, however, is the number of people that come to their senses and say enough is enough, get rid of the outcome of believing a lie and start again as a normal, new and whole person. 

The people who do this are hated by those peddling the lies because it exposes their deceit and the falseness of their claims.  

I remember one story of a man who became a drag queen and was loved by all and sundry in the homosexual world. He then had an encounter with God and shed his drag queen persona and became a man again. When the story got out he was abused from pillar to post by homosexuals and called all the names under the sun and received death threats from them.

So, be warned, Satan is sharpening his claws to bring down life as we know it, created by God, and replace it with a warped and twisted version of his own. Sad to say, many churches have fallen for his wiles so be on the lookout and make sure you are not the next victim of his despicable tantrums.   


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