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Do you live in a family? if you do count your blessings because if Satan and his followers have their way they will disappear from the face of the earth. Regardless of your perfect/imperfect family can I say it again...COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. Satan does not care whether your family is perfect/imperfect. All he is interested in is destroying it.  Why is this? Because the family reflects the nature of God and the last thing Satan wants is anything that reminds him of God. You know, the person he wants to replace.  Let us look at a very basic scripture on this one.... But I want you to know that Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of a woman, and God is the head of Christ. (1Co 11:3) Here is the direct link between the sexes, the family and Jesus himself in relation to God himself. All are interrelated and because of this connection, Satan wants to break it up. Have you noticed that the family is in trouble? it is being attacked on all sides with all sorts o


What might I ask is the main problem that we are faced with today? Is it affluence? Homosexuality? Left-wing politics? Government? A weak church? Dictators? Selfishness? Love of money? Ignorance?  All these are problems but they are not the main problem. They are a product of the main problem.  From what I have seen, heard and studied the main problem is the battle for the truth. In other words, lies being masqueraded as the truth and following on from that people believing that the lies are the truth.  Basically, society as a whole is being deceived into believing that lies are the truth and as a result, it is causing havoc and people are being destroyed as a result. Should we be surprised at this? No, because Jesus warned us about this a long time ago. Consider these scriptures...... Matthew 25:4 See to it that no one deceives you. The only reason someone tells a lie is to deceive you. The rest of the chapter tells us these things must happen before the end. In 1 Timo


When you read this and add it to that and to the other, it does not take much to work out who does not believe what they say. If I believe what I say, I will say it and if someone else says differently, I don't throw a hissy fit and try and stop them saying it. They can say what they like and I will let others decide who is telling the truth. Not so with the transgender movement. They go out of their way to silence people who are prepared to tell the truth which is if you are born a boy that is what you are and if you are born a girl, that is what you are. Being a boy or a girl is biological, not something you choose on a whim and in many cases if it doesn't work out as in being as miserable as sin being what you are not and having to tell yourself a lie everytime you get up in the morning which ends up in suicide in 40% of cases, and nothing on earth is going to change that fact. If you are a boy and feel uncomfortable in the body of a boy, you are going to fee


If you are like me, sometimes reality does not sink in at the first go. It often needs a bit of thought, study and finally a realisation of what is really happening. A few days ago I had an aha moment and truth dawned on me about transgender things so let me explain. In Genesis, it says that God created us male and female and told us to go forth and multiply. What that means is that he has created a man and a woman with the necessary accouterments to produce children. He had created the heavens and the earth and he wanted children to enjoy his creation. That is only possible if men and women go forth and multiply. If you want any proof for this just look at the billions of people on the earth today. Man and women have well and truly gone forth and multiplied. Who taught them how to go forth and multiply? No one. It is there in their DNA. As I understand scripture. God never changed his mind about this and he never provided alternative expressions for us to indulge in. As far