Do you live in a family? if you do count your blessings because if Satan and his followers have their way they will disappear from the face of the earth.

Regardless of your perfect/imperfect family can I say it again...COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. Satan does not care whether your family is perfect/imperfect. All he is interested in is destroying it. 

Why is this? Because the family reflects the nature of God and the last thing Satan wants is anything that reminds him of God. You know, the person he wants to replace. 

Let us look at a very basic scripture on this one....

But I want you to know that Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of a woman, and God is the head of Christ. (1Co 11:3)

Here is the direct link between the sexes, the family and Jesus himself in relation to God himself. All are interrelated and because of this connection, Satan wants to break it up.

Have you noticed that the family is in trouble? it is being attacked on all sides with all sorts of wonderful ideas and theories. The downfall began in earnest when governments introduced no-fault divorce. Divorce has been climbing ever since and has now morphed into not even getting married. Let's just live together and when we get fed up with each other we will go our separate ways. 

And what is the end result of this? Society has followed suit and is breaking down so that truth is the lie today and lies are the new truth.

Today, you can say what you want as long as it is in agreement with left-wing politically correct views and ideas and if it is not, you are to be charged with hate speech, even if what you said is the truth. 

It has got to the point that if you advertise a meeting where the speaker is not going to be politically correct, you will be invaded by aggressive, hateful, intolerant and bigoted servants of Satan. 

You would think that in the midst of all this the church would put their light on a hill and raise the banner for Jesus. Not so as Christians have joined the divorce bandwagon. They have very clearly extinguished their light on this one so they cannot speak with any authority on the subject. 

What a sad world we live in when the light has deliberately decided to put itself out and given Satan control and power to destroy families especially when keeping the light going is very simple.

I read a story of a family in Asia which comprised of Mum, and Dad and two sons who were not yet teenagers. They lived in a one-room tin shack next to a rubbish dump. No heat, no light, no sanitation, no running water and the boys each day riffled through the rubbish dump to see if they could find anything useful.

The white missionary investigating the situation said that despite the strictures of their living situation the boys were very happy and wondered why. Apparently, it all came down to one thing. They were loved by their mum and dad. 

They did not have the latest phone, the latest designer jeans, no pocket money to spend, they hardly had enough food to eat each day, but they were incredibly happy because mum and dad loved them and did the best they could for them in the circumstances. 

A perfect family is not determined by what you have but who you have. If a child has a mum and dad who loves them regardless of how much money they have or don't have, they will always be happy because every time they walk through the door, they will know that they are loved and that means everything. 

And that is why Satan is working overtime to break up families. Break them up and what does society have? Nothing. Through the breakup of families Satan is breaking up the image of God through Jesus Christ and that will pave the way for the "anything goes" attitude that is controlling society today.  


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