When you read this and add it to that and to the other, it does not take much to work out who does not believe what they say.

If I believe what I say, I will say it and if someone else says differently, I don't throw a hissy fit and try and stop them saying it. They can say what they like and I will let others decide who is telling the truth.

Not so with the transgender movement. They go out of their way to silence people who are prepared to tell the truth which is if you are born a boy that is what you are and if you are born a girl, that is what you are.

Being a boy or a girl is biological, not something you choose on a whim and in many cases if it doesn't work out as in being as miserable as sin being what you are not and having to tell yourself a lie everytime you get up in the morning which ends up in suicide in 40% of cases, and nothing on earth is going to change that fact.

If you are a boy and feel uncomfortable in the body of a boy, you are going to feel even more uncomfortable being in the body of a girl and vice versa for a girl. Sad to say you find this out too late and that drives you to desperate measures.

The homosexual movement goes out of its way to distort the truth starting with you are born homosexual which is a lie. Not content to pour out such rubbish, they have added to their dialogue by saying you can choose whether you are a boy or a girl. 

Another lie as if you are born a boy biologically, nothing on earth can change your biological makeup. Putting on a dress will change nothing. Biologically you will be a boy. 

Now the question is if they beleive you can choose what you are, why do they spend an inordinate amount of time and energy to try and stop medical, neurological and psychological experts from telling the truth? 

Here are some comments from these experts....  

Paul McHugh, professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medicine, helped persuade the institution to stop performing sex-change operations in the 1970s after evidence suggested patients weren’t substantially better off after the surgeries. McHugh continues to warn against the transgender trend, pointing out that birth sex is an objective, biological fact, not a perception or a feeling. In the rare instances when it is hard to identify biological sex at birth, McHugh and other physicians say careful, compassionate care is critical on a case-by-case basis.

Note he is a professor of psychiatry.

Quentin Van Meter, a pediatric endocrinologist in Atlanta, says in his 40 years of practice he had only seen one case of parents concerned their child was confused about gender. Last year, four such patients came to the clinic. Van Meter suggested psychological help. “You’re never changing the sex of the patient,” he says. “Never. Every cell in the body is programmed to be male or female.” Despite those objective realities, Van Meter says physicians go along with children’s distorted perceptions: “It’s like the Emperor’s New Clothes.”

Note he is a pediatric endocrinologist

Kenneth Zucker, a psychologist for 40 years noted transgender feelings usually don’t persist into adulthood. He encouraged therapists to explore the possibility of helping children become secure with their birth sex.

Note a psychologist for 40 years

What is the trans warrior's response to people like these? 

Activists railed against Zucker until the health center pledged to perform an external review. In December 2015 the center announced it was “winding down” its gender identity clinic. Zucker was out of a job.

Why did they do this if what they say is correct?

And then there is this.....

Ray Blanchard, a psychiatry professor at the University of Toronto, said Zucker’s dismissal could have a chilling effect on other professionals with similar opinions. “In the present climate, many mental health professionals are afraid to state publicly that they believe the first treatment approach, with young gender-confused children, should be helping them become comfortable with their biological sex,” Blanchard wrote in an email. “Professionals might, with good reason, fear harassment from trans activists, negative coverage in the media, cold shoulder from politically correct colleagues, or even censure from their employers.”

Must be very clear that the trans warriors do not believe a word they say. If they did, they would not fear a dissenting view which they do.  

And what about this one.....

 American pediatrician Quentin Van Meter is making the rounds at the moment in Australia and was due to speak in Perth. But at the last minute the university bowed to pressure from the activists, and he was refused the venue.

Not only do trans warriors not like the truth, they don't even have faith in their own lies.

Having lied about the fact that you are born homosexual and having lied about people can choose whatever gender they want, one has to ask what is going to be the next lie they dish up? 


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