If you are like me, sometimes reality does not sink in at the first go. It often needs a bit of thought, study and finally a realisation of what is really happening.

A few days ago I had an aha moment and truth dawned on me about transgender things so let me explain.

In Genesis, it says that God created us male and female and told us to go forth and multiply. What that means is that he has created a man and a woman with the necessary accouterments to produce children.

He had created the heavens and the earth and he wanted children to enjoy his creation. That is only possible if men and women go forth and multiply. If you want any proof for this just look at the billions of people on the earth today. Man and women have well and truly gone forth and multiplied.

Who taught them how to go forth and multiply? No one. It is there in their DNA.

As I understand scripture. God never changed his mind about this and he never provided alternative expressions for us to indulge in. As far as God is concerned there is only male and female given the instruction to go forth and multiply. No one else.

As a matter of interest, I do not know if the animals were given that instruction but it is patently clear that they have the same innate ability to go forth and multiply and if someone says to you that some animals are homosexual tell them to stop spreading their fairy stories.

I know of a female spider who when she has been impregnated by a male spider, then kills and eats the male. Ask those who claim some animals are homosexual if they kill their partner and eats them when they have had sex with them.

As they say, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

I digress.

I have been following the transgender thing for a while now and have read cases where a boy or a girl who has not reached double figures age-wise say I feel like I am a boy if they are a girl or a girl if they are a boy.

There has to be a reason for this. The other day it dawned on me what the reason was and it definitely was not that they felt they were the opposite of what they were.

No. I believe that the reason why a boy wants to be a girl or a girl wants to be a boy is that they have at some stage been influenced by a spirit that is contrary to God's word and that spirit has convinced them they are not what they are.

A boy is a boy because God made him a boy. A girl is a girl because God made her a girl. There is no third choice. Therefore, as satan's only methodology is to steal, kill and destroy, a boy wanting to be a girl and girl wanting to be a boy is satanic as all three are present in the desire to be what you are not.

The spirit steals their original God-given identity from them. He kills the desire to be what God made them to be and he destroys any hope of being a normal person. That is satan in a nutshell.

That means what that child needs is not hormone treatment, beta-blockers or surgery reassignment. What they need is for them to be set free from the influences of that evil spirit so that they can be what God created them to be.

No one is transgender so don't be fooled into thinking that they are. If you love them, really love them you will tell them about the loving power of God and the destroying work of Satan and then commit yourself to help them shed satan's power over their lives and lead them into wholeness again.


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