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WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT WORDS WOULD HAVE TAKEN OVER SOCIETY IN THE WAY THAT THEY HAVE. Today, words fill almost every aspect of our lives. In fact, words have become the weapon of choice, particularly for groups that can't handle the truth, which seems to be a rare commodity these days. Even politicians are held in such low esteem because they are not always truthful about what they say or do. If those leading society won't or can't tell the truth, what hope is there for anyone else to make it a priority. In my experience, the truth is what you can get away with. I am autistic and lying is not one of our fortes and because of this, we are confronted when someone lies to us. Even more so if the lying is passed off as the truth. The Bible talks about good being evil and evil being good. That is just about where we are at these days (Dec 2019). A bit like the saying never ruin a good story by telling the truth. To be able to avoid the truth and keep a straight fa