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GOD IS DEAD Well, no not really. God always was, is and forevermore shall be. It is just that society thinks he is dead as in we don’t need him anymore. But that begs the question. Can we do without God? Talk to an atheist and they will tell in all sorts of childish ways that God is irrelevant. They will tell you that the bible is written by goat herders. If you believe in an imaginary God, you are brain dead. They tell us that they are rational and masters of the science realm, so they don’t need a God. They can work everything out for themselves. God or Gods are for the weak in mind and insecure. The fact is God is not dead. All society has done is to replace the one true God with various other gods. The fact is that we have an inbuilt desire for God. That is how God created us. Body, Soul and Spirit. Without all three we are incomplete. We are a poor example of humanity. And we struggle if one is missing. In man’s attempt to make us what we are not, independent, r