Well, no not really. God always was, is and forevermore shall be. It is just that society thinks he is dead as in we don’t need him anymore.

But that begs the question. Can we do without God? Talk to an atheist and they will tell in all sorts of childish ways that God is irrelevant. They will tell you that the bible is written by goat herders. If you believe in an imaginary God, you are brain dead.

They tell us that they are rational and masters of the science realm, so they don’t need a God. They can work everything out for themselves. God or Gods are for the weak in mind and insecure.

The fact is God is not dead. All society has done is to replace the one true God with various other gods. The fact is that we have an inbuilt desire for God. That is how God created us. Body, Soul and Spirit. Without all three we are incomplete. We are a poor example of humanity. And we struggle if one is missing.

In man’s attempt to make us what we are not, independent, rational, caring individuals, we have attempted to replace the one true God with many different substitutes that are to be quite honest pathetic substitutes to the real thing.
The simple fact is that this has happened because we all have the God gene and it has to be responded to in one way or another. We can accept it and live in its benefits or we can reject is and suffer the consequences.
The substitute God gene presents itself in various ways, depending on what is fashionable at any given time. At the moment the god gene is climate change. You know, the thing that has been happening forever and a day.

If you believe those that are part of the climate change cult, it is a new phenomenon that has to be brought to heel and given a good smacking.

Whereas the truth is that no one and I mean no one can control mother nature. She is her own master and nothing anyone can do will change that.

Mankind has been on earth for about 6,000 years and in that time mother nature has done what she does, when she does and how she does. Man has never before tried to change that fact.

And do you know what? We are still all here. Doing what we have always done since we have inhabited this earth. So, all this talk about the end of the world and Armageddon is hocus pocus. Mother nature has more say over that than we do, and do you know who is in charge of mother nature? Yes, that is right. The one true God. The one who we have rejected for gods of our own making.

So, if you are going all gaga over climate change, forget it, God has got it all in hand and worked out.
What we should be worrying about is the result of rejecting the one true God. Are we better off because we have rejected the one true God? Not if you look at the evidence.

So, what is the evidence? Here is some of it.

An increase in suicide especially amongst young people.

Mental health problems are rising at an alarming rate.

An increase in crime even though governments are throwing money at it left, right and centre.

An increase in drug-taking, especially amongst the young which tells us they are not coping.

An increase in contempt for authority.

An increase in abandoned children.

An increase in divorce.

An increase in people living together and not getting married.

An increase in children being born without a father.

An increase in perversion.

Legalising of sin.

Immorality now considered moral.

Truth is no longer accepted and revered.

Righteousness that exalts a nation has been replaced with unrighteousness that debases a nation.

The first law of living is whatever you can get away with.

Those with no authority throwing their weight around trying to give the impression they do have authority.

The love of money is the root of all success.

Whatever you have got there is always more for you to get.

You are not judged by who you are. You are judged by what you have got or not as the case may be.

And the worst one of all. The murder of millions of innocent babies in the womb by a paid assassin on the altar of convenience.

To put things simply. Dog eats dog.

Should we be surprised at all this? Of course, the answer is no as it has happened before (just read the bible) and man has only two choices. One is to submit to the spiritual mind, which is life and peace, or submit to the carnal mind which death.

Society today is killing itself. Maybe not deliberately and intentionally but it is doing it, nonetheless. You can be alive physically and dead mentally and spiritually. It will depend on who your God is.

Having seen what I have seen and know what I know for me and my house we will serve the one true living God. I would be an absolute fool not to, like those who are serving pseudo gods are absolute fools.


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